Philippine Economic Zones - Investment to hit P1 trillion

Over the next two years, cumulative investments in the Philippines' economic zones are likely to hit the P1 trillion mark for the first time. The milestone could be reached earlier, what with the strengthening investor confidence, the sustained economic recovery, and the onset of political stability. For the past 20 years, investments registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) have aggregated a whoping P978 million. Much of the credit for reaching the goal goes to Philippine Economic Zone Authoity (PEZA) and its director general of the past 11 years, lawyer Lilia de Lima. President Ramos made her PEZA director general in 1995. Since then, PEZA has never been the same.
PEZA has built a solid reputation as an agency with little red tape, a rarity, and no corruption, an even bigger rarity. And no government institution has acquired a reputation that has won universal acclaim. Little wonder then that investors keep flocking to PEZA. About P955.7 billiion or 98% of the P978 billion investments registered with PEZA came during de Lima's watch. The number of economic zones multiplied from one to 81. Exports from the economic zones steadily increased, from $2.739 billiion in 1994 to $4.28 billion in 1995 to $6.5 billion in 1996, $10.6 billion in 1997, $ 13.27 billiion in 1998 and $15.8 billiom in 1999.
In 2000, exports reached $20 billion for the first time, correcting slightly to $19.49 billion in 2001 before building up again to $22.77 billiion in 2002, $27.31 billion in 2003, $30.92 billion in 2004, and $32 billion in 2005. Zone Export earnings have remained robust under President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Dell RP facility to benefit from $100-M investment

Top computer maker Dell, Inc. is on track in growing its call center work force in the Philippines to 1,400 by end of this year from 700 in March, aligned with the company's new global thrust to rebuild its global customer service operation. Dell will source its financing requirements for local expansion from the $100 million in total new investments the company has earmarked for this year to improve its customer service support worldwide. Dell announced last month a $100-million makeover campaign to boost its customer satisfaction rating. The campaign is to be led by Richard L. Hunter, the new vice-president for Dell Customer Services.
Among Mr. Hunter's responsibility are Dell's global customer contact center operations in the Americas, India and the Philippines. Dell's global customer satisfaction rating fell by 6.3% last year to a score of 74. Dell Philippines country head Mike Garrison, who reports directly to Mr. Hunter, told Business World that the local facility, which is Dell's 31st call center and one of its newest facilities, is set to implement these changes very soon.

Dell to expand Philippine Operations

Top Computer Firm Dell, Inc. is keen on expanding its new call center operation in the Philippine, doubling its total workforce guideline for the year to 1,400 from 700. using Dell's average hiring rate in the Philippines of 2.3% the company chairman Michael Dell, in the country yesterday for a brief visit, said the country's robust telecommunications infrastructure, coupled with the strong communication skills and work ethic of the work force, prompted the decision to further expand in the philippines."What we found here are well-trained and well-educated English speaking workforce. The Dell brand is well known and we need talented people to grow this business.

Efficient Holdings, Inc. Registers with PEZA

Efficient Holdings Inc., recently signed its registration agreement with Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) for the development of 5,192-sqm lot located in Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, as Information Technology (IT) Park to be known as Lexmark Plaza.

CIIF AGRO Industrial Park, Inc. and GRANEXPORT Manufacturing Corporation Register with PEZA.

CIIFAgro industrial Park and Granexport Manufacturing Corporation recently signed their registration agreements with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) for the development of 15.3634-hectare property at Barangay Kiwalan, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, as a Special Economic Zone, to be known as CIIF Agro Industrial Park, and as an ecozone export enterprise locator at the park, respectively.Granexport Manufacturing Corporation will locate at the Park to engage in the production of Neutralized and Bleached and Deodorized oil, Crude Coconut Oil, Acidulated Oil, All-Purpose Vegetable Shortening, Copra Solvent Extraction Pellets, Degummed Oil and RBD Palm Oil.

Exports of Ecozone Companies rose 6.3%

Exports of Enterprises located inside the export processing zones last year increased by 6.296 percent while employment generation also improved by 9.343 percent over 2004 figure. Data provided by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority showed that exports reached $32.871 billion last year reflecting a 6.296 percent increase over $30.924 billion in 2004.De Lima noted there were a total of 189 new locators in 80 operations EPZs including the four Government-owned EPZs. there were also 152 existing locators that expanded operations last year for a total of 341 projects approved in 2004. The IT Building and Parks also contributed $376.106 million in exports or 82.065 percent higher than 2004 exports of $206.577 million. There are total of 23 IT Buildings and Parks registered with PEZA. In terms of employment, De Lima said the PEZA enterprise created direct and indirect employment to over 1.111 million Filipinos or 9.343 percent more than 2004.

Germany's Siemens to Open Call Center

German conglomerate Siemens is set to open a P215-million call center facility that is expected to employ 519 agents. Siemens application to put up a call center unit has already been approved by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Sykes Asia has served Siemens' clients from Autralia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Philippines. Customer care Services include inbound phone call and e-mail inquiries for pre-and post sales concerns.