PCIE Acitivities

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Members EVENTS

PCIE represents its members in various channels like legislative hearings that may affect investment laws and incentives, land ownerships, foreign investment and related interest. We periodically conduct consultation and discussion with allied institutions as well to ensure coordinated advocacy. PCIE conducts lecture series to ensure updates in tax rulings, labor, laws, customs and incentives to ensure that locators and developers will be able to familiarize themselves to any changes taht will help facilitate their functions and support to their respective institutions.

PCIE organizes the Annual Investor's Summit to highlight Business Destinations, latest macro/micro economic situations and interventions to help calibrate planning assumptions, infrastructure updates to ensure critical concerns are being addressed and collaboration with embassies/foreign chambers to determine their insights about prospects for investment.PCIE assembles its members to participate in outbound and inbound trade and investments briefings, gatherings and interactions to learn new technologies or network with prospective businessmen or relevant institutions.PCIE promotes the projects of its members through newsletters, specialized publications hosted events and sonn to be re-launched website that will link to all members and relevant government institutions. PCIE even participates in international fora to learn new developments and concepts like in venues provided by the International Association of Science Parks. International and regional collaboration with our counterparts like Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) and Jurong Town Corporation (Singapore). This is indeed a healthy learning experience to unfold evolving practices in relation to industrial estate designs, planning and investment promotions programs.

PCIE's General Membership Meeting which is conducted quarterly is already free of charge (only for one representative) and form part of your annual corporate membership fee of Php12,500 or individual fee of Php7,500. Other briefings (economic briefings by Central Bank through Investment Relations Office) are likewise free of charge, specially from various chambers and foreign embassies where mebers receive regular invitations. PCIE avails selective foreign scholarship grants for its members to participate. These learning modules allow participants to learn the economic models and practices in the region. This is a very enriching experienced to participants and it also creates new venues to network with our counterparts.

PCIE also promotes challenging venues to attract decision makers and subsequently show their skills in putting and driving in the fairways. PCIE's Annual Golf Tournament attracts key decision makers and various sponsors to ensure that they are part of the excitement hosted by the trustees and members of PCIE. Indeed, an excellent opportunity to meet your prospects as well grow the latitude of your business associates.

The ultimate intention is to create more venues and opportunities for its members to make the country and its respective industrial site as preferred business destinations both by local and foreign investors.