PCIE: Seizing the Opportunities

It was indeed a relief that after several trying months, the country was able to manage to regain its stability. However, today we are again facing another challenge of creating a favorable investment climate that will restore the investors' confidence and subsequently generate business prospects on our respective interest.

In this connection, now is the time to regroup and renew our commitment in our organization to strengthen its role in transforming our country into a favorable business destination through the availability of suitable investment sites like industrial parks, special economic zones and IT Parks. This is based on the tenet that these economic hubs are generating substantial economic gains in our country like exports, employment and investments. It also paves the way in uplifting the quality of life in the surrounding communities and creates business prospects to supporting industries and related service providers.

Once more, prospective investors and senior government representatives are again renewing their interest into our economy. This observation is reflected in key economic indices like interest rates are already heading south while forex is trading in a narrow band with a downward bias vis--vis the green buck and the bourse is registering unprecedented gains since the day when key personalities were implicated in stock market irregularities and manipulations.

PCIE is a major beneficiary of the outcome of events that finally removed the cloud of uncertainty. It can be noted that in the recent past, each day of delay on the verdict of impeachment was comparable to a sharp arrow that continues to pierce painfully into the lifeblood of business institutions, hence damaging the tissues of economic prospects. Now that we are given the chance to put our acts together, we should therefore take advantage of our newly found vitality as the business starts to ignite life and offer better promises.

Please note of the organization's advantages and achievements as we progress in the mainstream of business:

  • PCIE has evolved in linking its members to prospective investors that visit the country and those that regularly inquire and seek business opportunities, hence acting as an investment and business facilitator;
  • The diverse membership involves a wider sector to have a common understanding and appreciation on the business opportunities that industrial estates, economic zones and IT Parks provide. Upon regular consultations, it generates a broader support on its role in fast tracking industrial development and in uplifting business and social norms;
  • PCIE established a representative desk at the Board of Investments (BOI). This initiative paves the venue for regular interaction with trade representatives, investment delegations and policy makers;
  • Being with the PCIE family, members are accorded a larger channel where they can closely relate their common interest and at the same time capture a wider attention in conveying investment interests. Principals are likewise invited to make a presentation during General Membership Meetings (GMM) in order to campaign for the support and broadcast the strength of their projects or services;
  • Periodic interaction among members also generates cooperation, healthy exchange of relevant information and prospects in the eventual formation of strategic partnerships;
  • Every GMM, PCIE also invites speakers and guests to provide relevant insights that may affect the performance of the industry or their respective business plans and programs.
  • The more than 90 PCIE members nationwide provide a backbone and unified voice in advocating relevant policies (e.g., improving investment incentives and policies) that need lobbying or support in the legislative or executive branch as well as specific trade offices;
  • PCIE also established alliances with JTC of Singapore and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand through a Memorandum of Cooperation. These twin undertakings allow beneficial exchange of information, practices, industry policies and access to selected economic destinations. This initiative is envisioned to foster regional cooperation and understanding of relevant activities concerning the performance of the various types of industrial estates and economic zones;
  • Conducted seminars with UNDP-Prime Project and other prime movers concerning practices and trends on industrial estates and economic zones. Most recent seminar was dubbed "Industrial Estates and Economic Zones: Millennium Challenge". The seminar includes local and foreign experts, project proponents and key industrial players who then shared their insights to learn new models and best practices;
  • Hosted investment delegations and participated in reciprocal visits and other outbound investment missions thereby allowing representation of members during these events;
  • Represented also in policy groups on industrial estate related matters like industrial ecology initiative by BOI-Prime Module. PCIE provides insights that will help craft policies that will subsequently define industry norms; and,
  • Conducts regular interactions with BOI and PEZA representatives to monitor investment performance and new policies that may in turn affect the performance and commitments of the members.

PCIE envisions the pursuit of the following initiatives:

  • Set-up webpage portal;
  • Conduct major seminars;
  • Continue newsletter publication;
  • Explore investment missions;
  • Aggressively participates in advocacy measures and policy groups that promotes investments, sustainability of stated projects, business opportunities and industry competitiveness;
  • Promotes active membership and investment linkages;
  • Provides periodic briefings to investment delegations; and
  • Continues to provide updates on industry performance to the members.