Highlights of the Speech of DTI Secretary Manuel A. Roxas II at the 1st GMM of PCIE for 2000

(Secretary Mar Roxas was PCIE's honored guest during its 1st GMM this year on 11 February 2000 at the Peninsula Manila Hotel. On this day, he inducted the present set of officers of the Philippine Chamber of Industrial Estates & Ecozones and likewise accepted the honorary membership.)

During this gathering, Secretary Roxas introduced the DTI Agenda under his leadership, i.e., "to create a policy environment that will be hospitable for the creation of wealth and economic activity all throughout the country".

Following the rational behind the existence of money, i.e., "money only has one imperative or has one reason for being - that is, replication; money has no conscience, no nationality and values; money also wants to replicate itself and money replicate itself best in an environment with a predictable policy regulation", he emphasized therefore that DTI will craft its policies under the same context where it should be predictable, consistent and stable. All decisions will never be made if otherwise.

In terms of policy prescription, he confirmed that RP has one of the most liberalized investment policies in the region. Government has adopted and will continue to adopt less intervention in the private sector.

To improve the business environment, Sec. Roxas is advocating laser like focus on the following items:

  • Job generation through greater exports and investments made into our country.

    Initiatives will be pursued that will allow investors to feel secure about the validity of their assumptions.

  • Lower cost of living and cost of doing business.
  • DTI will review all bureaucracies and red tapes. These are steps that may be considered important before and became a mere habit but no longer needed today. It will also examine all price points in the value chain - that is between provider/manufacturer and the consumer.

    The government will only intervene on cases that will result to greater competition thereby inducing prices to come down.

  • Prepare our country, particularly the business sector, in engaging in to the whole new world of e-commerce.
  • Our business sector must be able to adjust with the market changes swiftly. Like for example our electronics exports share almost 70% of our total exports. Imagine if these items will no longer be required overnight due to changes in the market. On this scenario, it will surely affect our capital as such we need to adapt immediately.